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Geyser Systems Shower with Internal Heating System


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The Geyser Systems Shower is the ideal cleaning companion for all your outdoor adventures, whether that’s a cross country road trip or a visit to the dog park. Never ride home dirty again.

Our compact design makes the most of every drop of water and is the perfect size for any vehicle.

Setup is quick and easy – no pressurizing, no bulky water storage, no hassle.

Each Geyser is 100% built-to-last in Montrose, Colorado.


The Geyser Systems Shower

Use 10x Less Water

Clean your entire camp and stop worrying about having to pack extra water. The Geyser makes the most of every drop of water for the world’s most efficient clean. That means less hassle, more time outside & more room in your rig!

Hot Shower Ready in 5 Min

Using less water has its perks. With the Geyser you only need to add one liter of boiling water to two liters of cold water. Ta-da! Instant hot shower.

Not Your Grandma’s Sponge Bath

Scrub out backcountry body odor with the right amount of water exactly where you need it. Easily swap scrubs between uses, e.g. green for you, yellow for me, pink for the dishes. Each Geyser Scrub has a coarse & soft side, comes with a reusable pouch, and is reinforced with a long-lasting natural antimicrobial solution.

Use Any 12v Source

Plug into your vehicle’s DC socket, a portable battery or generator using the included 20′ SAE power cord. That leaves plenty of room to work with. Pump mode operates at 2.5-3.1 amps. On the heated model, heat mode operates at 9.8 amps.


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